Covfefe, Trump, and the importance of proofreading

Recently, our Commander in Chief sent out a confusing tweet that included a glaring typo. The internet took the tweet by storm and thus, “covfefe” was born.


While The Donald is no stranger to Twitter typos, this one brought on a massive wave of reactions, ranging from jokes to anger. even bought the covfefe domain name in order to sell covfefe branded items! While the internet is defining the new term, us in the PR industry are studying this important lesson on proofreading. Continue reading

Game of PR: What Game of Thrones Can Teach You About Public Relations



Are you still feeling the adrenaline rush from last week’s episode of Game of Thrones? We might be breathing again after the epic ending of Battle of the Bastards, but we remain on the edge of our seats awaiting the season finale on Sunday, June 26.

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