The 6 steps to the perfect peel of a hard boiled egg

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with the art of peeling the hard boiled egg. I often boil my egg the night before, and anxiously await the next morning til I get a taste of my delicious creation – but I always come up short when it’s time to peel off the shell.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs on my journey to the perfect peel, and for those of you like me, I hope these steps help you on your way.

Step 1: Document your struggle in a public forum (such as Snapchat, as I did). That way your friends will understand your struggle and feel empathy toward your situation.


Step 2: The advice will start pouring in from your concerned friends! They obviously just want the best for you and your lunch, so of course they won’t steer you wrong!



Step 3: When your friends can’t give adequate advice turn to a group with more of a variety of people to help you on your quest. I chose Tinder, there’s bound to be a Top Chef 5 – 25 miles from me in my age range, am I right?


Step 4: Disregard those who are not interested in helping you, they will only waste your time


Step 5: In the midst of terrible pick up lines and unwarranted winkie faces, you will find a real winner with something great to offer!


Step 6: Give it a try


(and fail miserably)

Step 7: When all else fails, switch to scrambled.


I hope this helps you on your journey to peel the perfect hard boiled egg; but remember there’s plenty of egg styles out there. I know you will find the perfect snack for you!

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