Meme Me

It’s no secret that my friends and I are in love with Arrested Development. Back in the dawning days of Netflix, I discovered the Jason Bateman show and was immediately intrigued. There’s too many quotable characters and hilarious scenarios to not become obsessed. So one day I was bored at work home, and I created my first Arrested Development Meme: BORQeuzCMAACvhA

With a picture I stole off my friend, Allison’s Facebook page of her at her sister’s graduation, I made her into a Franklin puppeteer. I immediately tweeted this picture from my work home computer, and got a huge response from other friends who wanted me to stalk their Facebook photos and create their own Arrested Development memes. Thus, Arrested Development Meme Me hour at work home was in full effect: BQcP0oZCEAAw6LvBOS_rCwCIAENInZBOS1y9VCAAItnuW And since It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is premiering its new season tonight, here is my roommate, Alli as Dayman: 1450858_4983624808412_1480115778_n

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