Ten things I miss most about being an Art student

I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in one of the most coveted Journalism schools, The Reynolds School of Journalism. I studied everything from broadcast to graphic design, PR, copywriting, and strategic marketing. While my biggest passion was in advertising at The Reynolds School, I received a minor in Art. You may say that art goes very well coupled with a degree in marketing, and to an extent you would be correct! I learned all the programs through my art classes, and everything about good design; however, my art projects were always completely different than anything I ever did at The Reynolds School. I had a lot of fun times and weird experiences in my art classes, and I’d like to share with you the top 10 moments of my career as an art student:

1. Building a giant wolf

This was a collaborative project, and Part 1 of my final in my senior year. The idea was to create a piece that was interactive with the audience, and we achieved this by spray painting the finished product with Chalkboard Paint, and leaving chalk by the sculpture. There was a lot of hype about the project floating around Facebook and Instagram, and I think students really enjoying being a part of the project.

photo photo1

2. Creating a Twitter feed of “Shit my Art Professor Says”

I’ve had many different professors in the art department, but none could compare to Mike. No one knew what he was talking about half the time, and the other half quickly filled the pages of my Twitter feed. Some highlights:

“My California friends wear flip flops. Don’t wear flip flops to my class or I will kick you out.”

“Hollister…hustlin’ clothes to the white kids.”

“You’re gonna need to be able to answer every fuckin’ question I have about lumberjacks.”

“It’s okay, everyone in this building does drugs. Except for me…I’m straightedge”

“I’m not saying we won’t have class on the 23rd, but I will most likely forget to take roll…”

“We’ll have some coke, maybe some root beer. No sangria don’t get too crazy.”

“Now this one’s a little weird, but I get the feeling that some of you are a little off…”

“There’s no way that’s the dumbest shit you’ve seen on YouTube.”

“You don’t have any footage of you getting attacked by the dog? Not interested.”

“Break some mirrors. Get over it.”

“That was really hard to watch….I’m just fucking with you. Good work. Go sit down.”

And my favorite, said at the final in the voice of Oprah


3. Free lab days

“Lab days” aka, “Don’t come to class, take a nap instead days”

4. Downloading Second Life and doing weird stuff with my avatar

I’ve never been a player of MMO’s, but in my video game class I was forced into the world of the computer game, Second Life, and played as an avatar. I made the avatar to look as much like me as possible, and for one project, removed the head of the avatar and carried it in my hand. This was a piece for shock value of other players in the game. Other players mostly thought I was crazy, but I did look pretty cool

Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003

5. Dressing up like Bowser and strolling through campus

This was the last class of my last day of my undergrad career; and I showed up as Bowser. It was a great sendoff. We even got to strut down to the Joe Crowley Student Union and start fighting. Best final ever.

P1040322 P1040361

6. Creating the “Electric Straw Flute” that I plugged in to my guitar amp

…Three words: Electric Straw Flute. If that doesn’t make you say “WTF” maybe the sound sample will straw flute

7. Mini-mini golf course

“A” for Alli! Just kidding, it’s the A-hole. Each person in my class built a functioning mini-mini golf hole. Our final was to play a round of mini-mini golf! Winner gets an A. Also, A-holes get an A. 2

8. This weird thing that I printed on a 3D printer image-1

9. The game I created from scratch


10. My professor’s congratulations on the last day of class, after he found out that I had been offered a job. He was genuinely happy for me, even though my line of work didn’t include making life-size wolves or printing 3D sculptures of myself. I left the art building on the last of of class with all the knowledge I had gained along with my fellow art students, as well as the fun memories I had while attending class.

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